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About us

The owner of Altmõisa Guesthouse is a non profit society, MTÜ Johannes Cimmermanni Altmõisa Selts. OÜ Altmõisa takes care of the day-to-day management of the guesthouse.

The nearby old large wooden farmhouse is the home for another company owned by MTÜ Johannes Cimmermanni Altmõisa Selts - OÜ Altmõisa Põllumajandus, which is currently mainly active in the field of landscape maintenance.

The idea of building that guesthouse was initiated by a Catholic priest, Christoph Wrembek SJ from Hannover. The mission of the Guesthouse follows the education and guesthouse (Bildungshouse) example that is widely spread in Germany: to organise courses, to advocate preservation of nature, to follow the principle of sustainable economy, to promote local life.

Place on the edge of the world:
only about ten kilometers from the highway!