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For a nature lover

Topu laht talvel

Altmõisa Guesthouse on the border of Matsalu National Park offers comfortable accommodation and good food to hikers and nature lovers. There are several hiking trails and bird watching towers here, the numerous species populating the wooded and coastal meadows of the area provide a great opportunity for bird watchers, especially in the spring and in the autumn.


There are eight bird watching towers in the national park: Keemu, Haeska, Suitsu, Penijõe, Kloostri, Jugassaare, Puise and Kiideva, as well as two observation platforms: Kiideva platform (aka Priskuse tower) and Rannajõe platform.


Right by Altmõisa Guest House, a broadwalk meanders through marshy meadow and reed bed, leading to the little tower at Lagleranna. A walk to the sea and back takes only an hour, unless you lose track of time watching the swans or the sunset.


From Kiideva village, 5 km from us, a hiking trail leads to Puise. The six-kilometre trail can be passed most conveniently on foot. To get a more extreme experience, you can rent a mountain bike from us and order a trip in a fishing boat (for up to 10 people) over the bay.


At Cape Puise, where the sea is open for the view from both sides, you can enjoy a pre-ordered meal of smoked fish or soup. If you prefer, we can pack you a picnic basket or hot food and drinks in thermoses.


If you are here for the first time or want instructions while getting acquainted with nature, our experienced and competent nature guide can join you on your walking tour.



After the trip, you can share experiences in front of the fireplace in the hall while looking at the pictures taken during the day. You can also relax in the sauna or the hot tub.

Migratory birds’ routes pass over the thatched roof of Altmõisa Guest House.



Place on the edge of the world:
only about ten kilometers from the highway!