EUROPARC Certificate

In 2024, Altmõisa was awarded the EUROPARC sustainable tourism certificate (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas). The certificate is awarded to the protected area and its surrounding area for the organization of nature-saving protection and high-quality tourism products and services, which are created in cooperation with the administrator of the protected area, tourism operators and local residents.

As a small hotel business, we recognize the crucial importance of sustainability and biodiversity to our guesthouse. Embracing sustainable practices not only aligns with our ethical values, but also ensures long-term viability in an increasingly eco-conscious market. By preserving biodiversity, we contribute to the health of local ecosystems, attracting eco-tourists and nature enthusiasts who seek authentic experiences. Moreover, prioritizing sustainability reduces operational costs, supports local farmers and small businesses, provides employment for surrounding families and enhances the guest experience. It certainly also creates a positive reputation, which ultimately increases profitability and ensures the preservation of our living environment for future generations.

Sustainable Tourism in European Protected Areas provides a meaningful quality experience, safeguards natural and cultural values, supports local livelihoods and quality of life and is economically viable. Read more about EUROPARC from their homepage.

The certificate was signed together with the Director General of the Environmental Board, Rainer Vakra.